What are visualisers?

A visualiser which are also known as a document camera or visual presenter is a powerful digital camera mounted on a stand that plugs into a projector to show clear, detailed imaged on an interactive whiteboard. Alternatively, visualiser images can be displaed through high-quality LCD screens or simply onto a projector screen.

Visualisers are used in schools to:

  • show all types of text, pictures and objects on a whiteboard;
  • zoom in and out on details
  • allow the whole class to see the same thing at the same time

How are they used in schools?

When visualisers are used in teaching science, for example, the teacher can place a book under the camera. As the class discussed the text or images on the screen, the teacher can make notes – on the page, or on the whiteboard.

In Maths, the teacher can show the correct use of apparatus, e.g. a protactor – using the same equipment as the learners rather than a simulated activity gives greater depth to the learning and increases understanding.

In Science, all learners can watch an experiment or observe living creatures, zooming in to see characteristics

In Art & Design, the teacher can model complex processes and skills, so that learners can follow them and copy them more easily.