Small & Medium sized businesses face the same business & IT challenges as larger companies. However, large organisations have dedicated budgets and IT personnel whose sole responsibility is to ensure IT is not only supporting their business but ensuring IT can react quickly to changing business plans.

As the current recession continues to squeeze budgets, an investment in a server is a significant outlay.  Budgetary pressures as well as a lack of IT expertise can lead to inaction or worst still an ill-informed decision.

At the Image IT Group, we believe IT investments should only be made with a through understanding of how the business will benefit from new technology.

Although there are many different reasons why companies should deploy a server it is important to evaluate the alternative options available to customers which may be more beneficial to your business.

At Image IT Group, we will discuss the pros and cons of deploying a sever within the context of your existing infrastructure, business applications, future plans, and budgets.

Important considerations before investing in a server based network?

Business Applications

  •  What are your main business applications?
  •  Does staff need to access applications simultaneously?
  •  Is there a cloud based version of your application?
  •  Would the business benefit from a hybrid approach (onsite server combined with Cloud services)?


  •  What are your business plans for the next 12 months?
  •  Do we need a solution that will allow you seamlessly scale your business?


  •  Would your business benefit from a more robust IT system?
  •  How would an increase in staff productivity affect your business?

Centralised backup

  •  How do you currently backup all data on individual PCs/ laptops?
  •  Would your business benefit from a centralised, automated backups system?

Sharing of resources

  •  Would your business benefit from allowing all staff share resources?

Remote users

  •  Do you need staff members accessing business applications from home or when travelling?
  •  How do you protect company data on remote PCs/laptops?

Collaboration/ file & print sharing

Would your business benefit from:

  • central repository for documents
  • shared calendaring and contact lists
  • immediate delivery of email
  • access emails, calendar, contacts on smart phone