PCs, Laptops, Tablets have become an integral part of any company as companies need to run applications such as email, finance, HR, payrole and interact with customers, suppliers, and work colleagues.

Companies invest in PCs & laptop to ensure staff can carry out their duties efficiently allowing them communicate with customers & suppliers, and to access business critical applications.

Research shows over 80% of people are confused by the range and breath of PCs/ laptops available on the market.

Important considerations before investing in PCs/ laptops?

  •  Does a PC or laptop provide a better return?
  •  What make or model best suits my business?
  • Do I need Windows 7 or XP? What is the difference?
  • Will my existing business applications work on a new PCs/ laptop?
  • How do I backup company data on laptops?
  • How do I protect my computers from spam, virsus etc

At Image IT Group, we will make PC, Laptop, Tablet recommendations based on your specific business requirements and budget.

We will setup & configure your PCs/ laptop/ tablet, connect onto your network, install your applications, and ensure your company data is backed up and secured.