Image IT Group has been working with national schools, post-primary schools, and education centres for over 20 years and have a very good understanding of the role ICT plays in schools and the challenges schools face in ensuring students and teachers get the most of out their ICT investment.

We supply, install, maintain and support all ICT equipment including Wireless Networks, Servers, PCs, Laptops, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Anti-Virus, Whiteboards, Visualizers, and we provide cost effective Support Services that ensure schools are getting the most out of their IT.

Although schools are now deploying similar technology as commercial businesses their reasons and focus for doing so are very different.

Where businesses are predominately concerned with profits and productivity, schools are more focused on student development & learning. Businesses talk about security and data protection while schools are focused on student protection and information sharing.

Commercial businesses and schools are all evaluating how Cloud Computing can benefit them and are using Cloud services for email, backup online, file storage etc.

National Schools & Post-Primary Schools

Within the education sector, technology been deployed by National Schools and Post-Primary Schools has a different focus. National Schools do not have the same reporting obligations to the Department as Post-primary schools. Post-primary schools typical IT network consists of 2-3 servers running Eportal/ facilities and a lot of schools are looking at other management software such Aladin, Databiz etc.

Image IT Group has a very good understanding of Eportal and has carried out several migrations over the past 24 months.

On-going Support

A big challenge for schools over the coming years is how best to support all the new technology they have deployed- whiteboards, visualisers, PCs/laptops/servers, wireless networks, phone systems, anti-virus etc.

Traditionally schools have not budgeted for IT and have realised budgets now need to be allocated to support infrastructure as it gets older and becomes more prone to failure.

Schools will also need to work closely with their IT Support Partner in order to determine which new technologies best suite their educational needs including e-learning and online curriculum publishing.

Over the past 18 months, we have also seen a move towards schools looking for a single company to manage all their IT & Print requirements as they do not have the time to manage multiple suppliers and are better placed to ensure value for money.