Email is the most widely used application worldwide. 92% of office employees open email as soon as they start work.

Email is a business critical application and protection from threats such as viruses, spam, phishing, denial-of-service attacks etc is essential to prevent disruption of email services.

Anti-spam Service

Image IT Group’s anti-spam service protects companies inbound and outbound email from email borne spam and malware and provides 100% protection against all known viruses. These threats are filtered in the cloud which means only good email is delivered to customer’s servers.

Content Control Service

In additional to anti-spam, Image IT Group’s Content Control service allows customers set up rules and regulations in relation to the use of email within the company and protects against external threats, misuse of sensitive information, corporate abuse, and provides full image control functionality.

Recovery & Continuity Service

Recovery & Continuity provides customers with a 60 day recovery & continuity service that retains all inbound email in a secure Data Centre and allows customers access their email via a secure web browser.