As a professional Computer Services company, Image IT Group places a lot of emphasises on protecting customer’s business by ensuring their have a reliable and robust data management strategy in place.

People often associate a disaster with a flood, fire, or earthquake but the reality is an IT disaster is more akin to a hard drive crashing or motherboard malfunction both of which can result in major business disruption.

Traditionally, companies have deployed a mixture of hardware & software solutions that are expensive to deploy and require constant manual intervention which can result in human errors.

With the advent of cloud technology, companies now can avail of Image IT Group’s Backup Online Service, which gives customers peace of mind in the knowledge that their data is safe and secure and available for restore.

With the ever increasing use of technology in businesses and the increase of digital content, company’s storage requirements have increased dramatically. However, customer’s data management needs have remained the same- to have a reliable backup solution that will grow with your business.

Image IT Group provides an affordable solution with the added advantage of offsite data storage and the peace of mind that your data is being stored and monitored 24/7.

  • Why use Image IT Group’s Backup Online Service?
  •  100% confidence that your backup is successful
  •  Fully automatic/ no manual intervention
  •  All data is encrypted
  •  Backups are monitored & managed
  •  All data is stored in a secure off-site location
  •  Protects your business against natural disasters or unexpected events
  •  Business continuity- quick restoration of data.